Frequently Asked Questions

What are the qualifications to become a member?
To be a member you must be a resident of Jefferson Parish. To receive services (like meals and transportation) you must be 60 years and older. You must complete a state mandated LILA membership form.
What happens when first become a member?
When someone wants to become a member we take them on a tour of the center and introduce them to members who are participating in activities. We provide them with a calendar and explain the process for signing-up for field trips and the birthday celebrations. They are introduced to the staff at the center.

All prospective members and members are welcome and are invited to share their needs and suggestions.

Is there a membership fee?
There is no membership fee, but we do encourage personal donations if inclined.
How do I sign up for congregate meals?
When you complete your membership form (LILA) you can request meals. You will be assessed by the coordinator. The request will then be processed through the main office and if we have the funds, the meals should start within 2 weeks. You must commit to at least 3 meals a week and inform the coordinator when you plan on NOT attending the center to receive meals.
How do I sign up for transportation?
As for congregate meals, when you complete the membership form (LILA), you can request for transportation. You will be picked up from your home then driven to the center. You will be returned to your home around 1:00 – 2:00 pm.
How do I temporarily cancel meals /cancel van pickup if I will be out of town?
If there will be any change in meals or transportation needs, please alert your coordinator as soon as possible.
How do I sign up for field trips?
Find out from the coordinator when the sign-up sheets for the month’s trips will be open. If you depend on JCOA transportation, it is possible that the trip may not return in time for the JCOA bus to bring you home. Check to see the return time for the trips. The Coordinator monitors trip registration to ensure all members have an equal opportunity to participate.
What are the hours of the centers?
Thomas Laughlin and Metairie Senior Center hours of operation: 8 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Gretna Senior and Wellness Center hours of operation; 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Can I bring a guest that is under 60 or from another Parish?
You can bring a guest on an occasional basis. You can invite your family to see the center. Please introduce them to the center office. They can participate in the activities as long as there is space. In order to participate in the activities of the center (line dancing, card games, etc.,) you must join as a member.
How do I register a complaint?
You should alert your coordinator if you have any comments or concerns about JCOA or the center. If you feel uncomfortable with talking to the coordinator, you may call the Senior Center Supervisor:
What are the requirements to volunteer?
To volunteer, you must be at least 18 years old, sign the confidentiality agreement and be willing to permit a personal background check. Please share with the coordinator your skills and passion. All the centers rely on volunteers from administrative help, and serving food at birthday parties to line dancing, bingo calling and guest speaking on relevant topics.
Can I visit another senior center other than the one that I am a member of?
Yes, you can visit any of the 10 centers even though you are a member of another. Please introduce yourself to the coordinator as a JCOA member of another center upon entering.
What activities does the center offer?
Each center has a monthly calendar of events with a variety of activities that cater to the needs and wants of the members.
Do all seniors receive meals?
No,  a senior must join a JCOA senior center and first become a member. During the assessment process, a senior can request their desire for meals. It is required that members visit the center a minimum of 3/days per week to meet one of the criteria for congregate meals.

For more information on congregate meals, please call the senior center you’re interested in joining and speak with a staff member.

What is the difference between the Jefferson Council on Aging and the Senior Center?
The senior center is a part of the Jefferson Council on Aging organization. Upon joining the center, you are joining JCOA.
How old must a person be to join and participate in Jefferson Council on Aging (JCOA) programs?
You must be 60 years to receive services.
Who are the Friends of the Jefferson Council on Aging?
Friends of Jefferson Council on Aging are supporters of JCOA through monetary and in-kind donations.
How can homebound seniors or disabled people living alone find help with housekeeping, cooking, bathing, etc... ?
Jefferson Council on Aging provides light housekeeping and personal hygiene services to seniors who qualify. One needs to apply for services on line ( or call JCOA. (504-888-5880)
What is the cost of senior services such as Meals on Wheels, in home care services, senior transportation, legal advice and care management?
There are no costs associated with all services offered by JCOA.
Where is the best place for seniors, care givers and family members to begin their search for services and resources to meet senior needs?
They need to call the Aging and Disability Resource Center to match their needs with community resources – 504-207-4690.
Where can I find out about the Jefferson Council on Aging and what it offers?
To receive information about JCOA and its services visit: The website –, phone 504-207-4690 or stop by the senior center in your neighborhood.
How do I sign up for a class at the JCOA?
You need to speak to the coordinator at your center to sign up for all activities or contact the main office to inquire about organization wide classes. Call 504-888-5880
Can I get help with my Medicare or Medicaid and prescriptions?
Yes, you can receive insurance counseling through our Senior Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP) and get help with prescription discounts through SenioRx. The phone number is 504-207-4690.
Where can I get information on community services available for my elderly parents?
Contact is the Aging and Disability Resource Center at 504-207-4690. They will match your needs with community resources.
My father is unable to get around on his own, can I drop him off at the Center to be looked after?
Members need to be self-sufficient and be able to take care of themselves (both physically and mentally). Members should not be dropped off unwillingly. If members wish to participate within the center and are not self-sufficient, they need to bring a caregiver.