Pop Up Card Craft

Pop Up Card Craft

This easy pop up greeting card can be customized for any taste or occasion!


    • Card Stock (or a piece of card folded in half)


    • White paper (or paper of choice)


    • Colorful patterned paper or use pens to decorate cake layers and make candles


    • Scissors


    • Glue stick


How to

Create 12 candles with flames


  • Using patterned paper,  cut out candles 1 ½ inches long and 1/2 inch wide.


  • Using yellow paper or colored paper, cut small circles with points  for flames.

Prep your card


  • Using card stock as a guide, cut  the white paper down a little to create a nice frame.

Cut out the cake’s tiers or layers

  • Fold white paper in half.


    • Make 4 cuts:
      2 long cuts (2 ½ inches)
      1 medium cut  (2 inches)
      1 small cut ( 1 ½ inch)
  • Cut on red lines.


  • Divide this cake space into three equal parts along the folded spine.


  • Fold them over.


  • Unfold the paper and “reverse the crease”.

Assemble and decorate



  • If using colorful paper, glue it on one cake layer at a time and press to smooth.
  • Glue the white inside edges to the card stock, one side at a time. DO NOT GLUE DOWN THE CAKE LAYERS.
    • Glue candles inside each cake tier or layer.


    • Glue a flame on each candle.


  • ENJOY!